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StoreFront Renovation Grants awarded

One South Euclid (OSE) and the City of South Euclid recently awarded $90,000 in storefront renovation matching grants to four businesses - the Glengate shopping center, CLE Landscaping Co., Chief’s Auto Wash, and Black Forest. The storefront renovation program provides eligible commercial property owners a matching grant for transformational exterior renovations.

“The renovation of commercial property in older, historic suburbs, like South Euclid, enhances economic viability and can help revitalization efforts in surrounding areas,” says OSE President Vaughn Johnson. “It also can help businesses attract more customers and strengthen the bonds between people and places while enhancing the beauty of the community.”

The plans for Glengate shopping center at 401 South Green Road (pictured above) call for an attractive refurbishment of the building’s exterior that replaces the wood shiplap with fiber cement panels, and then a remodel of the roofline and entryway. CLE Landscaping Co. plans to add more “green space” by having murals of a natural landscape painted on its north and south-facing walls inspired stylistically by the American painter, Edward Hopper, to brighten the intersection of Mayfield Road and Warrensville Blvd.

Chief’s Auto Wash, near Monticello and South Green Road, will replace four doors, nearly all its windows, repaint its three buildings and add landscaping. Black Forest, a restaurant at 4368 Mayfield Road, plans to complete its beautiful storefront renovation by adding a roof and signage over its existing front patio.


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