A strategic priority of One South Euclid (OSE) is enhancing the Downtown Mayfield-Green District. This page will provide updates on our progress as we partner with the City of South Euclid, its businesses, and residents to revitalize and promote our Downtown.

Our Vision

In 2018, OSE worked with the city and consultants at Yard + Company to develop a plan to repurpose and strengthen our downtown district. We came up with a vision of Mayfield and Green that creates a sense of place for our residents and makes it a destination for the wider community. This aspirational vision was shared at a public meeting in January 2019 and continues to inspire the steps OSE takes with our Mayfield-Green Action Committee.

Mayor Welo shares the plan to strengthen the downtown district with the community.


Mayfield-Green Zoning District

On September 27, 2021 legislation was introduced to South Euclid City Council that would expand the Mayfield-Green Zoning District down South Green Road to Rainbow Road. This is a proactive step that supports the growth of new and existing businesses and will create a vibrant and accessible downtown district. Below we have provided answers to some questions you might have.The legislation was reviewed by the Planning Commission and a public hearing occurred on Thursday, November 18 at 7 p.m. The Planning Commission then voted to recommend the proposed rezoning to City Council.


South Euclid City Council’s Zoning & Planning Committee held a public hearing on 2/28 for public comments regarding the expansion of the Mayfield-Green Zoning District. As there were only positive comments, the committee recommended the expansion to City Council. Council passed the zoning legislation on March 14.



What is a zoning district?
Zoning districts are boundaries established by a city or government entity to designate where businesses can operate and homes are located. Designating these districts occurs over time with some redrawn in response to changes in commerce and population fluctuations. Zoning districts protect the integrity of neighborhoods and encourage equitable development. Districts with combined residential and commercial uses are often found in downtowns and other dense areas.

What is the Mayfield-Green Zoning District?
This is the zoning district designated by South Euclid officials that regulates the commercial and residential uses within a geographic area centered on the intersection of Mayfield and South Green Roads. These crossroads were forged as trade routes by early settlers and have remained the city’s geographic heart and a commercial powerhouse. The district contains large and small businesses, historic buildings, public green space, and a quaint residential street.


Why expand the Mayfield-Green Zoning District?
South Euclid’s zoning districts were officially established in December 1969, but have been revised over twenty times since then. South Euclid officials are advocating this most recent revision to correct improper zoning, strengthen the district’s existing amenities, and lay the foundation for future development. The overall goal is to create a vibrant and accessible downtown district that proactively supports new and existing businesses, and encourages population growth. 

How will this affect my property?
No homes or businesses would be displaced by this expansion and the existing permitted uses within the Mayfield-Green Zoning District would remain the same. The district would simply expand to a larger footprint. Any new development that may occur must complement existing businesses and residential neighborhoods.


How do I voice my opinion?

City officials welcome and encourage public comment on the district’s proposed expansion. Residents and business owners will have opportunities to address city officials, the Planning Commission, and City Council throughout the process. Virtual and in-person public meetings will be advertised and held so that all may learn more about the proposed changes and provide feedback. Look for more information soon in the newspaper, on social media, through direct mailings, and online.  

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OSE is partnering with Heritage Ohio to become an Ohio Main Street City. Heritage Ohio is the State's official historic preservation organization. Through assistance from its nationally recognized Main Street program, we intend to build on our downtown assets by improving economic management, increasing public participation, and celebrating historic preservation and beautification in order to make the Mayfield and Green business district an even greater place to visit and spend some time - whether you're driving by or just on foot. This past year, Heritage Ohio completed a Downtown Assessment Resource Team (DART) visit to create a plan with specific recommendations to work towards our vision. 


The City of South Euclid has created a new Landmarks Commission to designate buildings as city landmarks and could designate neighborhoods as landmark districts. These designations can protect buildings in the community that have value at the local level. The Landmarks Commission will be able to support property owners in our downtown district to take full advantage of economic development tools available only to historic structures.