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A strategic priority of One South Euclid (OSE) is enhancing the Downtown Mayfield-Green District. This page will provide updates on our progress as we partner with the City of South Euclid, its businesses, and residents to revitalize and promote our Downtown area.


In 2018, OSE worked with the city and consultants at Yard + Company to develop a plan to repurpose and strengthen our downtown district. We came up with a vision of Mayfield and Green that creates a sense of place for our residents and makes it a destination for the wider community. This aspirational concept was shared at a public meeting in January 2019 and continues to inspire the steps OSE takes with our Mayfield-Green Action Committee. Some of the the activities that originate from this vision are shared below.

Mayor Welo shares with the community the plan to strengthen the downtown district.

Mayor Welo shares with the community the plan to strengthen the downtown district


One South Euclid engaged residents, business owners, and community leaders of the Mayfield Green District, along with One South Euclid Board and Mayfield-Green Action Committee members, and our partners at the City of South Euclid to come together and discuss what type of future development our community would like to see on a parcel of land on South Green Road near Ardendale. Our goal was to use input from this session to create a vision for the site. 

Our vision is to build a mixed-use property that includes a green space area. New residential options will foster growth of a more walkable neighborhood while the commercial and retail spaces will add to the vibrancy of the Downtown Mayfield-Green District.

One South Euclid property for redevelopment

South Green Road property


Landmark Commission

In 2021, the City of South Euclid created a Landmark Commission that designates, protects and preserves the historical, architectural and/or cultural significance of homes, commercial buildings and works of public art in our community. In the Mayfield-Green district, the designation can protect historical buildings that provide a sense of place while encouraging property owners to take advantage of economic development tools available exclusively to historic structures. Interested property owners can apply for consideration of landmark status here.

Public Art

We are proponents of public art because it enlivens community spaces, provides accessibility to everyone, enriches our physical environment, and expresses our value and culture as a city.


Summer Event

Our annual summer event -  INTERSECTION, featured some of the eateries in the Mayfield-Green district, while neighbors enjoyed music, games and camaraderie. In 2021, two artists from Ingenuity Cleveland created paintings during the event, which can still be viewed at 4477 Rushton Road. In 2022, a giant community blanket created by residents was displayed. Caro Volny, a Cleveland Institute of Art student who led the art project, taught crochet workshops. She then assembled the blanket from the hundreds of granny squares created by residents. After the event, she disassembled it into five smaller blankets and donated them to the Community Partnership on Aging. 


In 2023, INTERSECTION served as the kickoff for South Euclid’s new food truck park. Throughout the summer, this space hosted food trucks offering different styles of food and a range of entertainment options including live music, bingo, dance performances and more. Additionally, beverage proceeds from the food truck park were shared with local nonprofit organizations to help support our community.

Learn more about 2024's event at  INTERSECTION.

Mayfield-Green Zoning District

In 2022, the district’s boundaries were expanded to correct improper zoning, strengthen the district’s existing amenities, and lay the foundation for future development. The rezoning creates a vibrant and accessible downtown district that proactively supports new and existing businesses, and encourages population growth. 


No homes, businesses or religious institutions were displaced by the zoning expansion and the existing permitted uses within the Mayfield-Green Zoning District remain the same. The district has simply expanded to a larger footprint. Any new development that occurs must complement existing businesses and residential neighborhoods.    

One South Euclid's first public art installation is the gorgeous "Come Together" mural. Designed by Lisa Quine.

Our first art installation was the gorgeous "Come Together" mural at 4490 Mayfield Road.

(Design by artist Lisa Quine)

INTERSECTION 2023 was the place where people, the arts and fun intersected..

Black Forest Bar & Grill, built in 1923, gained landmark status in 2023.

Black Forest Bar & Grill, built in 1923, gained Landmark status in 2023.

Drone image of INTERSECTION - One South Euclid's summer party


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Join us!

If you are interested in getting involved in the Mayfield-Green Action Committee, contact  Annette at or 216-316-5373. 

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