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Welcome to our group! Our goal is to share information so that we stay informed about the Belgreen neighborhood and get more involved. Read our monthly newsletters below that allow residents to join the conversation to address community issues and concerns. For more information about this group or to join, contact Chanell at


Belgreen is a beautiful residential community just minutes from downtown South Euclid, home to restaurants, stores, groceries, a regional library, and a leading health care center. The neighborhood

group includes residents living on streets near and around Adrian Elementary School and include Murray, Plymouth, Bluestone, Chelston, South Green (between Bluestone and Anderson), Glenside, Clinton, Newberry, South Belvoir (between Bluestone and Adrian), Adrian, Piermont, Robert, Homestead, and West Anderson. 

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Facebook - a group for Belgreen neighbors.


Bexley is a hip, diverse and beautiful neighborhood to call home. Bexley Park, the inspiration for our block club's name, is home to a brand new community garden, the first outdoor bike pump track in Northeast Ohio, a pool with a water slide, play grounds, ball fields, a little free library, and more.



Our neighborhood community includes all streets between Warrensville Center Road, Belvoir Boulevard, Mayfield Road, and Cedar Road and is conveniently located near Whole Foods, Cedar Center, Walmart, Oakwood Park, several bus routes, and so much more.

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Please support our outdoor bike pump track fundraiser to add more youth activities to Bexley Park. You can also help by sending a request letter to businesses asking for sponsorships.


You also can support the efforts of our group with a tax-deductible donation. Click here and mention “Bexley Community Group” in the special instructions box. 


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Nextdoor Bexley Park – A hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods.


South Euclid Community Gardens and learn more about South Euclid’s growing community garden scene.


Spring, 2021


Welcome! South Euclid's greatest strength is its people. We hope you'll join Bluestone neighbors for a stroll through our two pocket parks, our summer garden parties, or a friendly wave as you take you family and/or pets for a walk. We are a bike-friendly, kid-friendly, stroller-friendly, dog-friendly neighborhood and we love staying connected. We embrace our diversity and hope you will feel right at home.


We are perfectly situated in the middle of all the action. Within just 11/2 miles of our neighborhood, you'll find North Quarry Splash Park, Bexley Pool, the Playground of Possibilities, the dog park, Denison park, grocery stores, a pump track, a regional library, Euclid Creek Metropark and two major RTA bus routes.


Our History

During the housing and economic crisis of the late 2000s, two separate neighborhood groups (Plainfield/Winston Roads and Avondale/Argonne Roads) combined to stay connected and deal with problems created by the foreclosure crisis. After ten years of proudly and successfully serving this purpose, we became one unified community - The Bluestone Historic District.


From where does the name Bluestone come? Euclid bluestone is a sandstone discovered along Euclid Creek in the mid 1800s. By the 1860s a rock quarry was established to mine the rock which was mostly used for sidewalks, exterior steps, housing foundations, and windowsills. The quarry was active for about 40 years before concrete took over as a more desirable building material. Many remnants of the quarry can still be seen in the Euclid Creek Metropark. A couple of the original houses from that era located along Bluestone Road are still in use as private residences, and have been designated as historic landmarks. We are proud of the strong, immigrant, working-class roots of our neighborhood and our city.


The boundaries of the Bluestone neighborhood stretch north of Mayfield Road between Brookline Road and South Belvoir Blvd. and south of Bluestone between Plainfield and South Belvoir. The streets include Argonne, Avondale, Adrian, Ardmore, Delroy, Elmwood, Grantleigh, Plainfield and Villa.

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