About us

One South Euclid (OSE) is a non-profit community development corporation comprising a small group of citizen volunteers who reflect the diversity of our city and support the ideals of racial equity, community, culture, and transparency. Founded in 2009, the group's goal is to ensure the stability and growth of city neighborhoods and businesses by offering program grants, and organizing social and cultural events that bring everyone together. 


Our housing revitalization program, storefront renovations, beautification projects, and community gardens continue to make a difference in the lives of South Euclid families and business owners, and our community events bring a significant portion of our residents together to enjoy music, food, and fellowship.  


As we look towards the future, areas of growth include a Merchants’ Association to create networking opportunities and an improved business climate, opening OSE membership to residents and others, as well as rejuvenating the Mayfield-Green downtown.


But, we don't do it alone. Our success has also been driven by our strategic partner, the City of South Euclid, allowing us to reinvest in the city. We are also grateful to receive assistance from donors and volunteers, like you, who come together as one to support an organization that ensures a stronger community.

We are one. We are all One South Euclid.


To promote sustainable economic, social and cultural connections in South Euclid.


To lead others towards a better future by ensuring a thriving and vibrant residential and business community.


diversity and multiculturalism, inclusion and equality, transparency, informed decision making, serving the common good, integrity, non-partisanship, community engagement, responsibility and leadership.