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About us

One South Euclid (OSE) is a non-profit community development corporation founded in 2009. We work with residents and businesses to ensure vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts. Our work is driven by a volunteer Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of the city and our strategic partner, the City of South Euclid. Together as one, we ensure a stronger community.

We are one. We are all One South Euclid.



To promote sustainable economic, social and cultural connections in South Euclid.


To lead others towards a better future by ensuring a thriving and vibrant residential and business community.


diversity and multiculturalism, inclusion and equality, transparency, informed decision making, serving the common good, integrity, non-partisanship, community engagement, responsibility and leadership.


What We Do

Build | Grow | Thrive Program

This program returns dilapidated properties back to productive use and has become a model for housing stabilization in a first-ring suburb. This year, seven houses and vacant lots were sold providing $88,845 we could invest in the community.

Neighborhood Grant Program

We offer grants to residents and businesses to help improve residential and commercial properties and increase community engagement. Since 2016, more than $600,000 has been invested in South Euclid. Each year, grants are available for


We host and promote community events to strengthen community bonds, and attract new visitors by showing off what makes South Euclid a diverse and thriving community.

Downtown Revitalization

A strategic priority of One South Euclid is enhancing the downtown Mayfield-Green district. Legislation introduced in 2021 led to rezoning that expands and supports the growth of new and existing businesses and increases the accessibility to downtown South Euclid. 



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